Sizing Guide

How to get your measurements

Around your body at the smallest part of your waist.

Measure around the widest part of your hips without pulling the tape measure too tight. This will give you the most accurate measurement. Hip measurement does not include the stomach as hips are measured well below your stomach.

How to Put on your Shapewear

Make sure your skin is completely dry (Position yourself next to a fan or device that will prevent you from sweating.)

Take your time as shapewear is designed to be tight (Breeeeeathe)

Step into the garment and gently gather the material (NO FINGERNAILS)

Pull each leg up gradually; as if putting on a pair of stockings. (Don’t pull them both at the same time)

Put your butt into it. (Position your butt in the shaper butt zones and squat into it.)

Do a little dance. You just got your NYOODS on. (Is there anything you can’t do?)